A film commissioned by Bic, whose 20 million franc campaign audaciously launched a range of perfumes retailing at about £2. Bic aimed to revolutionise the perfume market, as it had reshaped the retail landscape with its disposable razors and ball-point pens. Having secured the services of master perfumiers, and after building a factory to manufacture the range, and buying the company that made the vaporiser pumps, only one vital ingredient remained. Bic had to find the filmmaker who could realise their vision: to challenge the lingua franca of perfume advertising, add a splash of novelty, and convince the public to take a risk on Parfum Bic. After a three-month search, Y&R discovered Susan Young, and commissioned her to animate this fluid and sensual commercial, featuring a couple tangoing to the music of Richard Gotainer.

Client: BIC, William Desazars of Montgailhard
Agency: Young and Rubicam
Production Company: Practical Pictures
Director: Susan Young