In 1983 the artist Eduardo Paolozzi asked Susan Young to make a film based on drawings, tracings and photocopies Paolozzi had taken from his eclectic collection of magazines. Young asked fellow Royal College of Art student Emma Calder to help animate and Stuart Jones, Paolozzi's son-in-law, was commissioned to produce the soundtrack. Paolozzi didn't want a straightforward story and told Young and Calder to interpret his material freely, but they couldn't resist fashioning a surreal, slightly dystopian tale focussing on Paolozzi's themes about modern man. They thought he wouldn't notice their hidden story, but when Paolozzi came to view the final cut he spotted it, saying: "You crept a cheeky narrative in there"!

Original format: 16mm
Year: 1983
Length: 11’50”
Commissioned/Produced by: Eduardo Paolozzi
Director: Susan Young, Emma Calder
Cel painter: Isabelle Perrichon
Sound: Stuart Jones
Film financed by Dr John Tanner CBE